Are you looking for an affordable, high quality, yet fun to use intermediate speedball gun? If you are, then you are in luck as Planet Eclipse has introduced Etha in the market and we can attest to its reliability, durability, and affordability.

This article provides an overview of the top-end marker, Etha with respect to its high standard specifications, design, and usability success. Anyone who has had the opportunity to use markers from Planet Eclipse can argue that they are among the best in the market. Their performance is better by a large margin as compared to those from other manufacturers. Even where users prefer a different brand, they will still recommend Planet Eclipse Etha because of its high success rate in the field.

Planet Eclipse Etha Specs

planet eclipse etha paintball marker

This is an amazing 68 caliber, electro-Pneumatic Marker constructed with an aluminum body and barrel. This makes it lightweight as is preferred by most players as well as a high level of durability.

It also has a glass reinforced nylon frame, a deed, and eye covers for maximum protection while in the field. It weighs about 2.05 lbs. and the barrel comes as a 14.5 inch. It has a micro-switch trigger for ease of handling and uses an auto-cocker.

Its functionality relies upon a spring return bolt system that allows the gas and air pressure to operate the firing system. For the air to be released into the firing system, this speedball gun uses a pull poppet spool. It also uses HPA- high-pressure air to enhance its operation.

It uses a dual-stage acceleration to allow itself to pick up the speedball at a low speed then releasing it into the barrel chamber. To prevent the offcut of the second ball in the stack, this speedball gun comes with a removable rubber section that is also replaceable.

To limit any barrel break occurrences, Planet Eclipse Etha is designed with Defteck Feed and Break Beam Sensor systems. These features help enhance the performance of the Etha paintball gun with regard to its accuracy. It is also small and light, factors that make it an effective speedball gun for beginners.

How it feels

Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun has an ergonomic designs that is further enhanced by its smallness and lightness. After holding it while in the field, you will barely feel tired. A firm, natural grip is allowed by the space between the trigger guard and its body.

The Shot

This paintball gun can be fired at any style based on the tournament requirements but the semiautomatic mode is common. The high-end electronic gun has a smooth shot that enhances accuracy. The two-part feed designed on these paintball gun allows the ball to accelerate at the required speed. This helps the regulator to keep the shots going for a while for each tank.

The shot from the Planet Eclipse Etha gun can be a bit loud requiring a suppressor in case you need a quiet space. Their long range shots are fairly perfect with a high level of accuracy regardless the low price.


When shooting, you can easily feel this paintball gun reverberating in your arms, which may prevent a perfect shot. When being tested, the gun is bombarded with multiple paintballs to display its powerful design.

It uses the high-pressure air system in the dual-stage acceleration system for consistency and maximum efficiency. The pull popper of this paintball gun is controlled by a PCB system that is fully adjustable. This helps control the desired firing mode especially when it comes to the firing rate and de-bounce mode.

This paintball gun is easy to use and suitable for beginners. Pros may also find its operation efficient although its recoil is not as great as they would desire. Its shooting consistency is around 285 FPS in most fields.

The rate of air consumption in this gun is high, which may appear as a drawback to some players. After about 6 to 8 pods of ammo, the Planet Eclipse Etha paint gun consumes a whole tank of Ninja 4,500 PSI.


All Planet Eclipse’s paintball guns are easy to maintain and the Etha model is no exception. One amazing thing associated with the Etha paintball guns is that they are easy to maintain especially considering they only come with one screw. This means that you can easily access all the internal gun parts for immediate cleaning and maintenance acts.

For optimum gun operation, you should consider cleaning the gun after every 3 to 5 paint cases. Although the originally sold Etha guns came with a problematic spring poppet in the internal area, a spring-less variation was used by the company as a replacement for this functionality issue. This is evidence of Planet Eclipse’s excellent customer services that aim towards the satisfaction of its users.

Occasionally, you will have to wipe down the bolt followed by the application of a swab to the breach. It is also important that you lubricate the O-rings found on the back section of the bolt assembly.

Upgrades and Accessories

The Etha paintball gun comes with a proprietary grip that can be upgraded using a new feedneck. However, the standard feedneck is reliable, which ensures that there are no aftermarket grips.

You may also consider upgrading the Etha triggers using those from violent products. The barrel and ASA may also be upgraded to types that are more reliable.

Etha’s Techt MRT bolt enhances its efficiency since it is designed with a high flow, a soft face tip, a tough aluminum body, and a super soft spring. Professionals argue that upgrading the bolt would reduce its overall weight by about 60 percent, which would make it lighter and more efficient.

The EMC tactical body is constructed from a firm glass reinforced nylon but can be upgraded to include various other accessories for laser and sight. Etha’s back body could also be upgraded to work with the Tippmann 98 or BT-4 shoulder stocks that would improve the flexibility of the players. This would help them adjust to a wide variety of tournament requirements and incidents.


The Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun is ideal for players of all levels of experience- from pros to beginners. Its design is appealing considering its lightness and compact nature. Its shooting accuracy is nearly perfect and its power is reliable.

With its excellent design, this paintball gun is relatively cheap as compared to the other high-end paintball guns in the market. Its manufacturing company utilizes high level of technology, which makes it popular in the market.

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