Many people enjoy paintball. The most important thing to consider investing in is a paintball gun. There are a variety of options available and each has different capabilities and uses.

This article will provide a list of seven of the top paintball guns. The items are selected based on user ratings, price, and quality. It will also supply some specifications for each item, including pressure, weight, and size, to aid the user in choosing the best item for their needs.

7. Azodin Blitz 3 Paintball Gun

azodin blitz 3 paintball gun

The Blitz 3 is constructed with a Nylon composite, designed to withstand drops and normal wear. Azodin also redesigned the gun so that the components are able to function well without clogging up. It also comes in several color options, allowing for some personalization.

The gun weighs in at 2.05 pounds, 15% lighter than previous models. The gun measures 18.5 inches in length, a decent length for many people to handle.

This gun is an affordable choice for beginners or for hobbyists. A recent redesign has reduced the distractions to players and a streamlined design means a player can focus on their game, rather than the gun.

6. Dye Proto Rize Paintball Marker

dye proto rize paintball marker

The Rize Paintball Marker is constructed with a Nylon and fiberglass composite, which makes the weapon both light and durable, though not necessarily as strong as an aluminum construction.

The gun weighs in at just under 2 pounds. The barrel measures 12 inches and the gun fires at 140 psi. The weight and size make handling this gun easy for most people.

This gun is a good first choice for beginners or for those playing on a budget. While it may not have all the features that truly experienced players would want, it does offer enough functionality for beginners to not feel behind the other players when they participate in paintball matches.

5.D3FY Sports D3S

d3fy sports d3s paintball gun

The D3S is constructed with aluminum and has a polyvinyl chloride shell on the outside, making this a durable product. It comes in a variety of colors for a bit of personalization.

The gun weighs 2 pounds. It features a length of 20.5 inch when the barrel is attached, height of 8 inches and a width of 1.5 inches. A little long, some users may find this gun cumbersome to maneuver, though its weight makes this easy to wield for those tall enough to support it. It fires in a range of 140-150psi

The D3fy Sports D3S isn’t too expensive for a gun, and the developer has added features to it to improve its performance. It has air ports in specific locations with the intention of reducing recoil and Anti-chop technology to prevent paintballs from chopping in the chamber, among other features.

The D3S has a 4.0 out of 5 review on Amazon from 22 customers.

4. Dye M2 Paintball Marker

dye m2 paintball marker

The M2 is a premium paintball gun for experienced users. It features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to power the gun, which can be charged via USB, and offers a wide range of color options for personalization. The body has an ultra lite 48 hourglass frame, and the internals are wired using a minimum number of wires, reducing points of failure in the gun. It isn’t exceptionally heavy, though one would expect it to be.

The price may be a turn off to many users. However, some people may find the features and conveniences worth the price.

3. Empire Paintball Axe Marker

empire paintball axe marker

The Axe Marker is constructed with aluminum, a good industrial material that shouldn’t wear down over time. Empire Paintball aimed for this model to offer improvements over the previous generation, including improvements in screws, weatherproofing, and ergonomics that improve maintenance, survivability in different weather conditions, and handling of the weapon, respectively.

The gun weighs 2.25 pounds. It features a 12 inch barrel and uses .68 caliber paintballs.There is an adjustable firing pressure on the gun that ranges from 180 to 200 psi, and has a cycle rate maxing out at 20 BPS.


2. Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Marker

dye proto rize maxxed paintball marker

The MaXXed Paintball marker comes in a variety of colors. The gun is manufactured from aluminum, a strong construction material. It offers similar functionality as the Dye Rize model, but adds in a two piece barrel construction, Airport On/Off ASA, and a Lock Down Feedneck.

The gun weighs 2 pounds when fully assembled. The barrel measures at 14 inches in length. The gun isn’t exceptionally big or heavy, so most people should be able to handle it without an issue. The MaXXed models fire at a pressure of 140psi.

The biggest draw to this gun is the price point for the features and build quality it offers. This would make this gun a good choice for beginners, but the features still make this a good choice for those with experience.

1. Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker / Gun – ETEK 5

planet eclipse etek5 gun

The ETEK5 offers a versatile experience for users. The manufacturer is well reviewed and trusted for its build quality. The entire gun is constructed using 6061-T6 Aluminum, a good material to use in constructing products.

It weighs 2.2 pounds, with length of almost 2 feet, height of 8.5 inches, and a width of 1.22 inches. This isn’t too heavy for a user to carry, though the size of it may be too big for some users.

The ETEK5 has pressures of 150psi for HPR and 85psi for LPR. Planet Eclipse claims this results in a quieter and smoother shot than its previous generation of ETEK. This should aid with recoil, making a gun that shouldn’t bounce back too much when fired, improving the gun’s handling.


There are a variety of options of paintball guns to choose from. Some guns offer features for beginners, others for experienced players, with a variety of prices. Of this list, the Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Marker is our top choice. It is durable, affordable, well reviewed and is a good size and weight for many people to handle it. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments!

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