Picking a superior sniper paintball gun from the hundreds of options offered in the market is a cumbersome task for many people, especially for the first time buyers. If you are in such a situation, then this might be the right place to find your way out. In this piece, we have discussed the best sniper paintball guns to help you purchase one that can suit your sporting needs.

7. Tippmann A5 Sniper Paintball Gun

tippmann a5 paintball gun

If you are an experienced paintball aficionado, then Tippmann’s A5 sniper paintball gun might be an excellent option to consider. Some of the top features that you would love in this gun include the light but sturdy aluminum frame, a cyclone feed system that can fire up to 15 balls in a second, and an external position selector that lets you change from safe to firing mode on short notice.

For ergonomic purposes, this paintball gun features an extended front grip, shock- absorbing end cap, easy to push pins, collapsible stock, and a low profile body. These features enhance handling while you are engaged in your favorite sport.

Depending on your preference, you can upgrade the paintball gun with a three-position E- grip selector, flatline barrel, and a response trigger. Its two-year manufacturer warranty covers you against manufacturer defects that might arise when using the paintball gun. We’ve spoken at lenght about this paintball sniper in our Tippmann A5 review.

6. Tippmann 98 Custom Ultra-Paintball Marker Gun

tippmann 98 paintball gun

As its name suggests, Tippmann 98 is a fully customizable semi-automatic sniper paintball gun. As such, you can tune the gun with select custom features to enhance its performance alongside expanding its capacity. Based on this feature, we believe that it is the best sniper paintball gun for more experienced paintball enthusiasts. However, the Tippmann 98 is well-suited for begginers as well.

Some of the features that make Trippman 98 custom marker gun different from its competitors include the quick release feeder elbow, a sturdy aluminum die-cast receiver, a semi-automatic .68-caliber receiver, and a removable front grip. Its 4.8 out of 5-star rating reflects its quality.

The sniper paintball gun comes with a 20oz Co2 tank, 200 round hopper, 1oz gold cup oil, a paintball vest, a 21-inch orange squeegee, a gun case, 140 round heavy duty ultimate paintball clear tubes, anti-fog lens, a mask with visor, and a thickly coiled remote.

5. 3Skull Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker

spyder fenix paintball marker

3Skull’s Spyder Fenix electronic paintball marker comes in Silver/ grey, and diamond black colors to let you choose a color combo that pleases you. Unlike its competitors, the paintball marker features a patent pending Eko valve system that enables you to shoot up to 1600 shots from a 20oz Co2 tank.

In addition to the patent-pending feature, Spyder Fenix paintball marker features other outstanding features like a break beam eye function, a rear facing color access mode display, an 11-inch micro ported barrel, a three-way adjustable magnetic trigger, and a steel braided hose.

For enhanced control and user comfort, this 3.5 stars rated marker gun features an adjustable inline regulator, an adjustable magnetic trigger, an external velocity trigger, dual texture grip panels, and a clamping collar feed neck.

Like most of its competitors, this sniper paintball gun comes with everything you would need to start off your game right away after purchasing your gun.

4. US Army Project Salvo 3Skull Sniper Set

project salvo paintball marker

In regards to design, this sniper set features an AR style barrel shroud with four Picatinny rails, a high performance 11 inch ported barrel, a foldable stock, and a mock magazine with storage compartment. These features add up to give you an excellent gaming experience, a reason why it is rated four stars.

This US Army paintball gun comes with a 200 round black hopper, 20oz Co2 tank, orange jerk squeegee, a gold cup oil, a padded gun case, a coiled remote with quick disconnect, a mask, a 6+1 harness, and 140 rounds of heavy-duty ultimate paintballs.

For cleaning and maintenance purposes, this sniper paintball gun comes with a bonus maintenance pack with a lubricant, a barrel sleeve, a cleaning cable, an Allen wrench set, and a tank O-ring. We recommend it to experienced users.
You can upgrade this paintball gun with a cyclone feed system, a response trigger, or an E- trigger kit.

3. Action Village Alpha Elite Foxtrot Paintball Gun

action village tippmann

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars, Alpha elite foxtrot paintball gun boasts of a military look and high impact construction that will serve you for long. Therefore, this would be an excellent pick for those who intend to use their paintball gun on a regular basis.

Some of the features that make Alpha elite unique from its competitors include aluminum die cast receiver, a quick release feeder elbow, 200 rounds loader, and a stainless steel gas line.

For improved performance, this paintball gun for professionals and beginners features a removable front sight, a six-position collapsible stock, a mask, an easy to pull trigger, and a shroud with lower Picatinny rail.

Its removable carry handle gives you the freedom to carry the paintball gun with ease. If you are a first-timer, a training manual is provided to let you use the gun as intended.

2. Tippmann Cronus 3Skull Mega Tactical Paintball Gun

tippmann cronus paintball gun

Rated 4.4 stars, this tactical paintball gun features a sturdy composite body to serve you for long. Its rubber-molded grips give you a secure grip when engaged in sport. Its slim profile integrated with a carry handle and an adjustable stock lets you carry the gun around with ease.

Besides its design, this tactical paintball gun also comes with all accessories you would need to start off your first paintball mission. Some of these accessories include 140 round paintball tubes, a 200 round hopper, a 3skull 20oz tank, a gold cup gun oil, and a facemask. This gun is an excellent option for those at their beginner level.

1. Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit

kingman spyder paintball marker

Kingman Spyder sniper paintball gun comes in black and olive colors to let you pick a marker with a color that pleases you most. Unlike the customizable sniper paintball guns that might not be friendly to beginners, this type’s basic design makes it the right option for those who have just stepped into the paintball hobby.

Like most of its competitors reviewed in this article, this sniper paintball gun comes with all relevant accessories to start you off. Some of these accessories include a 20oz CO2 tank, a paintball mask, a 4+1 paintball harness, a 200 round loader, a pull through squeegee, and 140 rounds of paintball pods.

Despite its low price, Kingman gives you a similar experience that you would get in high-end sniper paintball guns. However, it might not be an excellent option if you are more experienced with the use of paintball guns.


Our list compiles the best sniper paintball guns in the market. Selected products are affordable, and they come with a bundle package containing everything you would want to use and maintain your paintball gun. Based on our reviews, 3Skull Spyder Fenix electronic paintball marker is the best buy because of its sturdy construction, reasonable pricing, and customizable capability.

If you know of a better sniper paintball gun that is not on our list, we recommend that you let us know about it in the comments.

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