The DLX have been producing series of high-end paintball marker. The Luxe is its signature model that comes in 5 different variations: Luxe 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, Luxe 2.0 OLED and Luxe Ice. The five variations have some differences but also share a lot in similarity.

Looking for a tournament winner kind of paintball marker? The DLX Luxe is built to perfection and designed to win tournaments. They offer high perfomance markers regardless of the experience level of the user.

This review will break down to you why the DLX Luxe markers are among the best paintball guns available on the market.

The DLX Luxe Paintball Marker Specs

dlx luxe ice paintball marker

Before shopping for a paintball marker you need to know a few things.  This marker is not as light-weight like its peers, but not heavy to slow you down in game play or a tournament. It weighs about 2.20lb without the barrel.

The Luxe has a 14 inch 3-piece barrel that accepts freak barrel inserts. This allows it to adjust for peak performance in any situation, without adding the bulk weight of multi-back barrel systems.

This paintball marker has an adjustable trigger that can be adjusted for pre travel, post travel and resistance. It doesn’t get any better than this. The Luxe comes with multiple firing modes ranging from uncapped semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull) to full-auto, training modes, and specific modes for any tournament series.

The Luxe is powered by a Lithium-Polymer battery that uses the latest rechargeable battery technology. Experiencing low battery during play is no longer a problem. Unlike other batteries, this one will go several days off a single charge. It also charges quickly and does not show charge memory effects.
The body and grip frame of the Luxe marker are constructed with 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The body is complimented with nickel plate finishes to increase its durability and give it the looks.

Is the Luxe marker pocket friendly? Definitely NO!! The DLX Luxe is one of the high-end markers that are extravagant. The price ranges between $1400 and $ 1650, but don’t let the price discourage you. The efficiency of DLX Luxe in a tournament guarantees an experience worth every penny spent.

How it feels

What most people love about the DLX Luxe is how it sits well on the hands. It is very comfortable and the trigger feel is excellent. This marker feels natural in your hands with the contoured grip and molded finger grooves.
If you are a one-ball person, you will absolutely fall in love with this paintball gun. It is very simple to use across the field. The feel and smoothness of the shockers makes it a favorite to many tournament players.

The Shot

This is one of the best shooting paintball guns to ever hit the market. Most players agree it has the best shot you can get currently in the paintball world. Most markers require a suppressor to quiet down the noise made when shooting. However, this marker is exceptionally quiet and has little drop. This gives it an edge against its competitors.

The shot quality and accuracy of Luxe markers is attributed to the bolt system within its core. It is based around the shocker platform which is also found in NXTs. This bolt system reduces the operating pressure. Reduced pressure produces a shot as smooth as summer cherries, at high speed rates.


Another great achievement by DLX is that the kick is null. This is because during the firing cycle, only the bolt which weighs less is moving inside.
The Luxe FeatherTouch also provides a pneumatic buffer that ensures the bolt’s forward movement is super smooth. This enables you to remain on target even under high rates of fire. The DLX Luxe allows you to have control of the gun.
If you are a beginner it is simple to learn this marker without much training. The Luxe is packed with a manual that is user friendly and easy to follow.


The Luxe is very easy to clean and no extra tools are required. The Luxe Power Core can be easily degassed and removed with no tools unlike other paintball markers. This allows you to inspect, clean or repair the sealing surfaces of the bolt and valve system easily.
You can also remove the Luxe regulator from the marker with just a single hex key. Since no specialized tools are required, you can easily wipe the marker during those frantic moments between points at a tournament.

Upgrades and Accessories

The DLX Luxe paintball marker supports upgrades and other accessories. You can upgrade almost every factory manufactured part. Everything ranging from the triggers, to the bolts, barrels, o-ring kits, accent kits, regulators is upgradable. The Luxe Ice is however not compatible with aftermarket regulators.
You can also upgrade the USB interface software to load new voice sets or any available firmware updates. Also available for purchase are Luxe apparels.


If you are a competitive tournament player then you should seriously consider buying the DLX Luxe paintball marker. The high quality, smooth shots and excellent feel of the DLX Luxe makes its one of the top notch markers. The smoothness and quality of the Luxe marker is unparalleled in the paintball world.
Another reason I would recommend this gun is the o-rings in the core. They are made from urethane which wears longer than any other material used today. It is not the lightest marker in the market, but it is not too heavy for your arms to get tired during game play.
This is a marker worth carrying to the tournament. It is synonymous with winning. So in case you don’t mind spending some extra bucks, this is a great marker to have.

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