Selecting the best paintball loader is a process that calls for keenness. Most people first look at the speed of the loader, and that’s why the Dye Rotor paintball loader’s an all-time favorite. While the feed rate is crucial, it's not the only determining factor of an excellent paintball loader.

For maximum safety in your game, ensure your loader is in the best working condition. Once you've found the best loader, look for protective gear like gloves and body armor to reduce the impact of incoming paintballs.

Features of Paintball Loaders

Once you are satisfied with the feed rate of the loader you want to buy, the other thing to check is the capacity. The more the number of paintballs the loader can hold, the better. Large size means your game won't be interrupted so often for reloading.

It's also vital to check the system of the loader to determine how it powers. Some loaders use batteries while others are powered by electricity. There are also models that have a gravity feed system.

Other categories of loaders are force feed and agitated feed. Force feed loaders work by creating a stack of paintballs directed to the marker. Most of them work by maintaining tension on the stack so that one ball is immediately fired after the other.

Agitated feeds are an improved version of the gravity feed loaders. They use simple agitation paddles to shake up the balls and guide them in the right direction. Agitated feeds rely on gravity to maintain the balls in a rolling motion toward the bottom of the loader.

About the Dye Rotor Paintball Loader

paintball player aiming

The Dye Rotor paintball loader is a high-performance loader designed with top-notch style. It's designed for compatibility with all paintball guns on the market. Its performance exceeds pro-level feed requirements, and it operates at a rate of more than 50 balls per second.

Dye Rotor has a constant feed combined with an opposing rotation of the inner propeller arm. This combination is crucial for a consistent, smooth, dependable, and rapid feed performance. The loader is built on the new technological designs that deliver unmatched results over other loaders on the market.

The designers behind the Dye Rotor paintball loader have the professional player in mind. However, the loader is simple enough for use by beginners for recreational purposes. The center feed is designed to push balls with precision over short distances.


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The Dye Rotor paintball loader lets you play for a longer time without having to reload it. It has a capacity that holds 20% more paint than standard loaders, yet has the lowest profile. It’s also the highest 200-round loader you’ll find on the market.

Some of the qualities that make it popular among many players are its small and lightweight design. It’s also fast, with a revolutionary collapsing floor tray for reliable feeding. The spring tray allows for maximum ball capacity.

Maintenance of the Dye Rotor paintball loader is straightforward. You can break it down for basic cleaning at the push of a button. You don't need to loosen screws or nuts, and there are no parts that need to be broken off. The simple engineering of this loader reflects the needs of the player for something simple.

Dye Rotor Specs

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The Dye Rotor paintball loader comes with a transparent locking lid. It’s carefully integrated into an interchangeable double density carrier. The cover has a spring design that makes it easy and convenient for you to quickly load and lock the loader.

The design also makes it easy to change between the lid and the speed feed. The upper shell is removable, giving you enough space to use a high capacity top that can hold up to 250 balls.

LED Light

Energy Efficiency

Feed Rate

Tuff Molding

Optional Speed Feed Lid


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Paintball loaders are available on Amazon and similar marketplaces. They come in various sizes, features, and qualities. Their prices range from approximately $12 to as much as $280.

What you buy depends on the features you want. Some of the factors to check before you play are feed rate, capacity, and installation time. It’s also a wise idea to read reviews and see what other people’s experiences are with a specific loader.

How It Compares

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The Dye Rotor paintball loader has many excellent features that make many players’ favorite. After reviewing it, we also picked a few other loaders available on the market to see how they compare.    

  • Proto Primo
  • Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader
  • Virtue Spire
  • Dye Rotor R2 Paintball Loader - Black/Black


    Feed Rate

    Battery Life 


    • Patented rotor technology
    • 50 balls per second feed rate 
    • Jam release trigger
    • See through vision window


    • Heavy
    • Pricier than other loaders
    • Reload alert system unnecessary for experienced players

    Proto Primo

    The Proto Primo is built based on a new patent-pending technology that makes it a very fast gravity feed loader. It doesn’t require any batteries to feed paint. It features a unique spacer above the feed neck, and its purpose is to push paintballs back and forth.

    The spacer speeds up the feeding process so that you load twice as fast. The design of the loader allows you to sort and funnel your paintballs for a consistent feed. It also comes with a positive inbuilt feed shelf which helps relieve pressure on the paint to reduce the risk of jamming.

    The Proto Primo has a clear spring lid that lets you quickly reload your paintballs fast and easy. Proto has a capacity of 200 balls when filled to the brim. It’s a great alternative to many loaders on the market that are electricity-powered.

    Dye Proto Primo Paintball Loader Hopper - Black
    • 200 ball capacity
    • Primo loader helps sort and funnel as you shoot for a consistent vertical feed
    • Featuring a positive shelf designed to relieve pressure on paint balls


    Feed Rate

    Battery Life 


    • The lid opens easily
    • An inbuilt shelf that reduces paintball pressure
    • Effective gravity loader with consistent feeds


    • Heavier than standard gravity loaders
    • Colored models are more expensive than black ones

    Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader

    The Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader is a remake of the popular rotor loader. This redesigned version comes at a highly affordable price. It provides players with quality performance because the style is based on patented loader technology.

    The loader is a combination of top-notch functionality, excellent feed rates, and reliability. This loader has a force feed of 30 balls per second. The Dye LT-R has a standard for battery efficiency, using only three AA batteries for 80,000+ balls shot count.

    The Dye LT-R has an adjustable feed tension and built-in anti-jam trigger that lets you feed the hopper handle any paint amount. The quality of the loader makes it trusted in the market.  

    Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader - Lime
    • Provides every style of player a loader that retains the quality performance that's needed to win at a price tag that's...
    • Patented DYE loader technology that fuses top-notch functionality with mind-blowing feed rates and reliability. Patented...
    • The LT-R sets standard for battery efficiency, powered by only 3 AA batteries allowing the hopper to get 80,000+ balls...


    Feed Rate

    Battery Life