Are you really fond of some combat action that will really make a mess using big guns? Then the Empire BT 4 Assault Gun is the perfect weapon of choice. The product is known to be perfect to bring around as it is lightweight. But what made it a paintball fan favorite are the product’s specifications which made the marker favorable for any seasoned paintball shooter out there. This Empire BT 4 paintball assault gun review will completely educate you about the different reasons why this product is excellent enough for paintball, and why its weight isn’t really that much of a problem thanks to its features.

Product Specs

The 4 lbs Assault Paintball Gun is completely made of aluminum and stainless steel to ensure that it will be durable enough to last for a long time, and for it to avoid any corrosion. This is one of the favorable qualities that the Empire BT 4 Assault Gun has – making it widely loved by its users along with its low-maintenance requirements. It’s also built in order to resist impacts as well – making it even more durable. The assault gun also contains a 15.BT-4 barrel thread and Dual Picatinny mounting rails.

The product has a feed neck design that provides a very clean ball of paint once used for shooting. This can help you make a straight shot at your target with ease. The product also works well with compressed air or CO2 when used. You can also adjust the vertical grip of this gun for you to easily remove it for any necessary upgrades. The product is also very easy to use as it contains a modular trigger system to make it a good product for beginners.

An additional feature to this gun is that you can customize it in any way you want. You can also provide various upgrades to it – which we will discuss later. We believe the Empire BT 4 paintball assault rifle is one of the best paintball guns for speedball.

Empire BT 4 Paintball Assault Gun review


How It Feels

Learning the how the gun feels when holding it will give you a more detailed insight about the product’s overall capability once used on the paintball field. These are all based on real-life experiences from the moment the owners carried it, up to the part where it’s used for combat.

The Shot

The Empire BT 4 Paintball Assault Gun is capable of providing an accurate means to shoot an opponent. The capability of the product to shoot straight thanks to its markets allow great accuracy and less hassle when trying to adjust your angle when firing. It may not have the capability of spraying 25 paintballs every second, but its on-target capability makes it great for hitting opponents cleanly. There are many players who also said that this product is capable of shooting any type of paint that you can purchase. Every type of paint will surely shoot straight with this bad boy.


The versatility of this assault gun marker is excellent for any beginners as the product isn’t too heavy – making it good to carry around while sprinting so then you can adjust to a different position quickly. The product’s overall capability to shoot made it a perfect opponent against the rest of the other assault gun models in the paintball industry. The product’s impact resistant quality doesn’t just make it a low-maintenance marker as it provides the same performance even if you throw it against a wall.

The product doesn’t have a high recoil in it as well – making it one of the easiest markers to use for beginners out there. This is also the main reason why some paintball field rentals have this product. Since upgrading the product is possible, better performance is assured if you wish to change some of its parts or if you wish to add something.


Many players find the product perfect in terms of its durability even when used many times. There are a lot of players who claimed that this product is surprisingly tough despite its light weight when compared to other heavier models. Some say that this weapon’s length of use is enough to last for one year. First of all, the product’s stainless steel quality made it durable enough to resist corrosion. The product is also known to be very low-maintenance as it provides the same performance even when thrown around for emergency purposes.

Some even say that the product can be used for more than a year. Other players say that the best maintenance tip for this product is to check the screws only to see if it needs tightening to prevent issues with its performance. You can just check the screws every week to make sure that everything is fine with the market.

Upgrades and Accessories

The Empire BT 4 Paintball Assault Gun can be modified in almost all of its parts. Take note that its vertical grip can be adjustable so then you can change it with other types of grips. You can also change the stock of the product for tactical purposes if you wish to turn the product into an advanced model. The barrel of the product can also be removed and replaced with a better one for maximum performance as well.

Sights can easily be attached right into the gun as it fully supports the use of various types of sights. Match the sights with the product’s accuracy, and you can become a master marksman with this marker. Flashlights for tactical purposes can also be installed to the product.

But the marker seems to be quite expensive to some people if they wish to make the product’s performance better due to the wide variety of upgrades that you can do with it.


All in all, the Empire BT 4 Paintball Assault Gun can be one of the favorites of both beginners and experts as the product is very easy to use. At the same time, it can be modified according to your preferences as well. It’s one of the most convenient types of assault gun markers out there that will surely give you a better edge in being a marksman. Just take note that you can easily switch positions as you run around with this lightweight marker, and it can shoot without any hassle at all. It’s convenience that’s molded into a gun for paintball!

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