Finding the perfect paintball gun is a real hassle since you will need to identify the specifications that bring out the best performance and quality. For instance, a good paintball gun should be light and have a high shooting accuracy. This article provides a detailed review of the Invert Mini paintball gun.

We will review the features of the gun and evaluate their significance with regard to the accuracy of the shot, performance, and maintenance required. Any upgrades that need to be considered will also be highlighted as we move on with the review. An overall observation, however, is that regardless of the small nature of the Invert Mini; its performance is similar to that of a regular sized gun.

Invert Mini Specs

invert mini paintball marker

Invert Mini may have just acquired the top mark as the most lightweight and tightest marker in the market. With the inclusion of a regulator, a barrel, and a 9-volt battery, this marker weighs below 2 pounds. The lightness allows the players to handle it well in the field without slowing down. The operating system has a pressure controlled poppet and a spring returned bolt. The trigger of this marker is magnet returned thus making it tight and effective on impact.

The Invert Mini may work on high pressure or low pressure but is designed to operate at 160-200psi. It relies heavily on the Hall Effect sensor that helps the player adjust to the right position. With the sensor, the gun is able to detect the speed of the paintballs.

It also features a two-stage bolt system that allows the user to go easy on the paint while in the field. Its 12-inch barrel is cocker threaded, and it comes with an improved mini regulator/ASA. This enhances the accuracy when shooting and comfort when handling it. It is designed with multiple semi-auto modes for various tournaments (PSP, NXL, and millennium ramping) and can adequately support up to 15 bps.

How it feels

Holding the Invert Mini feels great with its lightness making it easy for you to shine in the field. It has a firm grip that will have you playing for hours without straining your hands. The marker’s shooting performance is excellent thanks to its small size and a high shooting speed.

The Shot

Despite its lightweight nature, this paintball marker shoots with an accuracy similar to that of the standard size top-end markers. Its shot can be defined as exceptionally smooth, efficient, and accurate.

Its outstanding features are designed to provide the player with the desired shooting consistency such that you will go for hours without experiencing any problems. The velocity of the gun is also well regulated to ensure that the paintballs are released at the correct speed.

The trigger is constructed to fit the grip of either large or small hands thus enhancing the shot accuracy.


The Invert Mini is one of the most competitive paintball markers in the market due to its enhanced power during a performance. This marker’s most impressive feature is its ability to shoot with an authority only comparable to the regular sized paintball guns despite its lightweight nature. Its shooting performance is just amazing.

It comes with varying semi-auto modes that are adjusted according to the tournament requirements. It is also powerful enough to support up to 15 bps, which is quite impressive. It has a high shooting speed attributable to the Hall Effect sensor that enhances its speed detection features.

It is designed to work under low pressure or high pressure for maximum performance depending on the user experience. This makes the Invert Mini suitable for pros due to its excellent performance and beginners since it can be adjusted to their suitable mode. It operates under 160-200psi.


The maintenance process for this paintball gun has been simplified by allowing easy accessibility to the various gun parts. You, however, will require a screwdriver to be able to access the bolt assembly for cleaning. Charging the batteries is done once the paintball gun starts slowing down its operation.

The Invert Mini is one of the easiest speedball guns to maintain since its parts are not too complex to access, clean, and reinstall. You can adjust the various settings of this paintball gun easily and have them back as they were without the need for a tool.

Paintball guns should be cleaned after every use with the joints and valves lubricated before the next use. A manual will be provided by the manufacturer advising you on the best maintenance products to help prolong your gun’s useful life. Who wouldn’t want this beauty for a trip in the field!

Upgraded and Accessories

The manufacturers of this gun believe that to achieve an excellent performance, a paintball gun should be easy to use and remain light. As such, they reduced the number of features that require an upgrade.

It can be made a smaller and more compact by adding barrels, feed necks, and triggers. Since it is difficult to strip your ASA considering that it may be fused to the tanks bonnet, the ASA needs to be upgraded to the stock one or the relay on/off ASA.

The accuracy of the Invert Mini can also be upgraded by replacing the 12-inch barrel with a 14-inch barrel since their bore sizes have different effects. The former has a .691 bore size while the latter has a .689 bore size. The tighter the bore size, the more accurate the shot will be. The regulator can be upgraded further to improve the comfort of the user.


Are you a speedball enthusiast and looking for a perfect paintball to keep the fun going? If you are, the Invert Mini is designed specially for you. Its handling simplicity also makes it suitable for beginners. Its lightness ensures that your arms will feel good even after hours of shooting. Even without the suggested upgrades, its operation is still above par. The price is reasonable given the performance, design, and reliability associated with the gun. If you are looking for adventure, this unique paintball gun is the right brand for you!

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