I f you’re looking for an activity that puts you in a competitive environment while also helping you take out your frustrations, look no further than paintball. With the ultimate objective of the game being the elimination of your opponents by hitting them with paint-filled spherical capsules, paintball is an extreme sport that can be played with any number of people or teams. While the essential piece of paintball equipment is the paintball gun, not all of them – even the most expensive paintball guns out there – are created equal.

Although pricing shouldn’t be the decisive factor in every endeavor or purchase, when it comes to paintball gear, only the most expensive guns are packed with those features that help their owners stand out on the playing field. So, if you’re not afraid of getting a little bruised up, this recreational game can pay huge dividends in fun and stress relief. 

Depending on various features and the overall design and comfort, we’ve assembled a list of the top 10 most expensive paintball guns. But first, let’s cover a few paintball basics.

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Product FAQ

What Is a Paintball Gun?

Simply put, a paintball gun is the primary piece of equipment of paintball players. Sometimes you may hear about such a gun being referred to as a “marker.” This term stems from these guns’ original use as a tool used by forestry personnel to “mark” certain trees for removal or maintenance or to designate them as guideposts.

What Does a Paintball Gun Do?

A paintball gun shoots a variety of brightly colored capsules of water-soluble dye to mark an opposing competitor. When a competitor is hit, the capsule erupts, marking that shot and showing that the player has been eliminated from the game.

How Does a Paintball Gun Work?

Paintball guns generate a burst of compressed gas that propels capsules forward and, ultimately, outward toward the target. Otherwise known as a pump-action gun, this type of gun sports a long valve gas transfer tube in the center. As the player pumps the gun, the barrel (where all the capsules are held) moves down the long valve for an explosive release.

Where Can I Buy the Best, Most Expensive Guns for Paintball?

Due to their increasing popularity, high-end paintball markers can be purchased from a multiple online retailers like Amazon, Action Village, or ANSGear.

Does It Hurt to Get Hit (Marked) in Paintball?

The sensation of getting hit by a paintball can be described as a slight sting. Imagine snapping yourself continuously with a rubber band for a few seconds. Depending on the distance, your clothing, and other factors, some paintball hits may result in a small welt or bruise, but the risks of serious injury or pain are negligible.

Do Paintball Splatters Leave Permanent Stains?

Luckily, the answer is no. Splatters easily wipe off of your clothing or skin, and whatever residue is left should come off with a quick wash.

Our Top 10 Most Expensive Paintball Guns: How We’ve Reviewed

We have reviewed the following products based on four parameters: Features, Pros & Cons, Price, and Where to Buy. This list was created  through side-by-side comparisons of various models after thorough research. While all paintball guns share a similar purpose, finding not just the most expensive gun, but the one that offers the biggest bang for the buck, requires some serious research.

Overall Price Range

Depending on where you purchase your marker, the manufacturing date, and the model’s overall design and features, high-end paintball gun’s price may range from $$ to $$$.

What We Reviewed

SP Smart Parts Shocker XLS Paintball Gun Marker

If you’re looking for a lightweight and effective paintball gun that will allow you to move in and out of places quickly, the SP shocker RSX paintball marker is what you need. Key features of this product include a very light frame (great for entry-level or beginner players), a freak barrel kit, and an easy-to-detach bolt-release system. For those of you looking for a little more support, this paintball marker makes it easy for anyone to pick up the game.


  • Extremely light design and materials
  • Freak barrel kit
  • Easy to detach bolt release system


  • Mediocre air efficiency
  • Smaller front fore grip, which may cause problems for some players
  • Complaints about the accuracy of the shots fired from the gun


This product can be found on Amazon for around $$.

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Gun / Marker

Planet Eclipse GEO CS1 Paintball Marker - Midnight

If you’re very serious about taking your game to the next level, the Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 paintball gun has more than enough juice to take you there. Based on consumer feedback, the CS1 has rectified several negative aspects of previous Geos. This gun’s key features include pocketed and captured air-transfer seals, a one-piece shaft/barrel, and a quick-disconnecting, electrical, body-chair frame interface. Throw in an overall lighter and more aesthetically pleasing look, and we’ve just spotted the enhancements brought by Planet Eclipse to the CS1.


  • Low-profile feed neck
  • Lightweight design
  • Sprocket features a locking ring


  • Some complaints about sound out of the barrel


This product can be found on Amazon for around $$$.

Planet Eclipse GTek 160R Paintball Gun

If you’re looking for a gun with real potential to blast away competition, then the Planet Eclipse GTek 160R could signal “Game Over.” Key features of this paintball gun include a gamma core drivetrain, quick-release bolt removal, and an SL4 inline regulator. It has an AT-Pipe air-transfer system and dual-density grips. Also featuring a lightweight solenoid construction, this paintball gun has all the features necessary to make any serious competitor confident of a win.


  • Quick-release bolt removal
  • LED backup user interface
  • Dual-density grips


  • Complaints about a flimsy trigger


This product can be purchsed on Amazon for around $$.

Dye DAM Paintball Marker

Dye Dam Paintball Marker Olive Drab
  • Switch from a Magazine Fed system to a Loader Fed system with the flip of the On-The-Fly Switch
  • Semi-Auto, Three Round Burst, and Full Auto Firing Modes
  • Picatinny Rails and gas-through frame standard

The next gun on our list is a model that can be the ultimate compliment to power-based and tactical players alike. The Dye DAM’s key features include a magazine-feed-ready design, meaning that ambidextrous users can reload in a snap without feeling vulnerable. This marker also has two interchangeable shroud sections and a front cap that allows the operator to reconfigure the gun to suit any style of play.Another great aspect of the Dye DAM gun is an on-the-fly switch that the operator can use to swap between a traditional hopper feed and a magazine feed and back again within the blink of an eye. And with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, any player can feel safe knowing that their investment is safe.


  • On-the-fly switching capabilities
  • Two interchangeable shroud sections and a front cap
  • Magazine-feed-ready design


  • Complaints about the durability of the trigger and this gun overall
  • Some may consider the price too steep


This gun can be bought on Amazon for around $$$.

Dye M2 Paintball Marker

Dye M2 Paintball Marker (Black Gold)
  • 1" Prism OLED Interface with Method Operating system
  • Wireless connection between frame and body and Internal Pressure Sensors
  • Rechargeable battery, USB chargeable

The key features of the DYE M2 paintball marker include a rechargeable battery, prism interface (which features a full-color, high resolution LED screen), a wireless charger and tech mat, and a 5-way control joystick. The joystick provides intuitive navigation through system checks, adjustment settings, and performance data. With six awesome colors to choose from, every player will have the opportunity to find the gun that best suits their personality and game style.


  • Wonderfully balanced and lightweight
  • Full LED screen with a clear, precise display
  • A battery that isn’t too bulky


  • Some complaints about the trigger


This product retails on Amazon for around $$.

Empire Paintball Axe Pro Gun

If you are looking to step up your game and want equipment fit for serious paintball warfare, the Empire ​​Paintball Axe Pro can take you from zero to hero. Key features of this model include a feature-rich redline LED board with joystick navigation, a waterproof gasket around the battery door, an ergonomic grip frame and fore grip, and a newly designed trigger guard to prevent excessive feedback. With so many premium features, there is a reason why this beast is one of the most expensive paintball guns.


  • Waterproof gasket around the battery door
  • Newly designed trigger guard
  • LED board with joystick navigation


  • Some complaints concerning the effectiveness of the waterproof gasket
  • Front grip not comfortable for some players

Proto Rail MaXXed Paintball Gun

Considering constructive criticism from top players and athletes, Proto have made it their mission to create a paintball gun that ticks all the boxes in terms of quality and performance. Key features of this product include a lever feed neck that makes taking the hopper off simpler and quicker. This gun has an easy-to-use air-on/off feature and fuse bolt technology that lowers the operating pressure and produces a smooth bold cycle, resulting in minimal recoil and consistent accuracy. Finally, with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, this paintball gun offers both security and maximum playability.


  • Easy to use air-on-and-off feature
  • Lever feed neck
  • Fuse bolt technology


  • Complaints about the trigger’s ability to shoot quickly
  • Questionable quality of the eye pipe


This product can be found on Amazon for around $$.

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker
  • Pressure controlled poppet engine for outstanding performance
  • Integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes
  • Wrap-around fore grip for protection from elements and increased grip

For those looking for a lightweight paintball gun that eliminates significant feedback, the Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker is calling out your name. Key features of this paintball gun include a pressure-controlled poppet engine, a wrap-around front grip for protection against feedback, and a venting ASA regulator with an on-and-off lever and integrated break beam with anti-chop eyes. With 10 sleek designs to choose from, this is one of the most expensive guns out there, but it is well worth the price for its sheer quality and style


  • Wrap around foregrip
  • Pressure-control poppet engine
  • 10 different designs


  • Several complaints about durability
  • Some complaints about a defective trigger


This product can be purchased on Amazon for around $$.

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker

If you are looking for a paintball gun that is synonymous with durability and reliability, the Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker falls into a long line of excellence. Key features here are the ETEK5’s four different firing modes, intricate poppet valve design, the large valve chamber, and an internal LPR. Also, one of the gun’s outstanding features is the soft-grip feature, which allows a shooter to feel less feedback when pulling the trigger. Whether you’re someone who enjoys the classic black or a fiery red, it’s easy to see why this marker, available in multiple colors, is one of the most expensive guns.


  • Poppet valve design
  • Four different firing modes
  • Large valve chamber


  • External barrel design is much simpler than other high-end designs.


This product retails on Amazon for around $$.

Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Marker

Dye Rize MaXXed Paintball Marker Black/Gray
  • Patented UL hourglass gripframe with 4 tournament firing modes.
  • Patented self-cleaning DYE M2 Eye Pipe with integrated ball detents; precision bored 14" Proto 2-piece barrel.
  • DYE Lockdown adjustable clamping feed neck.

To conclude our list, we’ll turn to one of the most critically acclaimed paintball guns for its price-performance ratio. Key features of this product include a closed spool valve design, an updated 3-piece Fuzion bolt kit system (which operates at an extremely low 140 PSI), a larger dump chamber which allows for a more consistent and smoother shot, and DYE’s patented sticky grips.This marker also features the Hyper 3 regulator, so any paintball fan equipped with it should have access to a more precise adjustment of air pressure and velocity, allowing for smoother, faster trigger pulls. As with all equipment from this brand, this marker comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Closed spool valve design
  • 4 tournament firing modes
  • Patented sticky grips


  • Durability concerns
  • Features may not justify price


This product sells on Amazon for around $$.

The Verdict

There you have it: our list of the 10 most expensive guns out there for serious paintball players. Although pricing is certainly not the only factor in these guns’ overall value, in this particular product category, the more expensive paintball guns typically do offer more features and better quality overall.

Taking into account the overall design, special features, durability, and customer satisfaction, we’ve identified one clear winner. In our opinion, the best marker on the market right now for the money you’ll spend on it is the Planet Eclipse GTek 160R Paintball Gun. With its quick-release bolt removal, LED backup user interface, dual-density grips, and AT- Pipe air transfer system, any rookie or pro will give their very best when using this marker.

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