Planet Eclipse Etek3 has made a name for itself in the paintball guns industry for a reason. They have been producing high quality guns for ages. Planet Eclipse guarantees you high-end markers regardless of your experience level.

That is exactly what they offer with the Etek3. If you are looking for a high-end marker that is affordable, the Etek3 by Planet eclipse is the right paintball gun for you.

The Etek3 comes in two different models. The Etek3 LT and Etek3 AM. This review will give you some of the important features to look out for when shopping for the Etek3 markers, and recommendations.

The Etek3 Paintball Specs

planet eclipse etek3 marker

If you are a paintball enthusiast, the specs mentioned below should be considered. This ensures you get high quality markers that guarantee value for your money.

Are you a beginner and worried that this is not the gun for you? Well, the Etek3 is a great marker is for beginners. It is accurate, reliable and very easy to use.

This marker is very light weight as it weighs about 1000g (2.20lb). This includes the barrel, OOPs, feed tube and battery. It will not slow you down as you play. It has a length of 520 mm, height of 215 mm and is 30 mm wide

The Etek3 uses a Deftek Feed. This is an offset feed that prevents the balls in the breech from causing breaks and chop as they bounce.

This marker make use of programmable firing modes. You are at liberty to define settings like ball in place, dwell and debounce.

The Etek3 uses the OOPS system that is mounted to the frame using the T-Rail slide system. The frame of the Etek3 LT is made of glass reinforced nylon (GRN). The barrel and body are composed of 6061-T6 aluminum. The Etek5 AM is made of an all metal construction and materials similar to those in Ego.

How much does the Etek3 marker cost? This is paintball gun by Planet Eclipse is very pocket friendly unlike its counterparts that are very pricey. The Etek3 paintball marker is mid-priced and ranges between $520 and $570. This depends on the store and other factors like shipping costs.

How it feels

The Etek3 has rubbery grips that are comfortable, slim and soft. With a contoured dual density grip, it ensures that grasp is firm. It is also fitted with macroline swivels so you can comfortable shoot with both hands.

If you are a beginner you have nothing to worry about. It is simple to master this marker and doesn’t require a lot of time training.

The Shot

The Etek3 has a smooth shot. It comes with a zick-knit that reduces kick and softens the impact of the ball during loading.

The shots are however noisy. You might want to look for a suppressor to quiet down the shots.

The gun has some exceptionally accurate shots, and also fairs well in long range shots. However, I would not recommend it if you are looking to do some Bob Lee kind of shooting.


This marker is packed with the S3 inline regulator. This ensures exceptional accuracy and great recharge rates. It has shot-to-shot consistency and accuracy at even high rates of fire.

The 2 part feed ensures that each shot is packed with power and accelerates the ball paint. This makes it suitable for beginners. If you can aim then you are good to go.


Paintball markers from Planet Eclipse are famous for the little amount of maintenance required. The Etek3 is no exception. It is very easy to clean. The grip is held in place by one screw that can be easily taken apart.

Planet Eclipse Etek3 makes use of a coil spring construction hence eliminating the need to correctly assemble or tighten a loose washer or shim stack. This makes it simple to maintain.

To keep the marker in optimal condition, you are required to clean every three to five cases of paint. At the back of the barrels are rings that prevent the barrel from becoming loose. They can be easily replaced or lubricated with the Eclipse Grease.

Upgrades and Accessories

The Etek3 paintball marker supports upgrades. These are the main upgrades:

  1. LT Kit – This kit includes an all-metal frame, eye covers and feed tube assembly.
  2. Etek3 Emortal Board – This is a LCD board that comes with the same 3-Button navigation console and LCD interface as the Ego. The graphical user interface is also quiet similar to that of the Ego and Geo.

This Emortal board will fit perfectly with both models of the Etek3 frame. Whether you have an Etek3 AM or Etek3 LT you can easily substitute the standard circuit board for the Emortal board.


With markers it’s always about getting one that does not compromise on quality, performance and guarantees value for your money. By quality I mean the materials, the fit and finish of the gun. Well the Etek3 delivers in all aspects.

Worried about its performance? Well, unlike other affordable markers, Planet ‘s Eclipse Etek3 performs like top quality price guns. Its performance is outstanding and I would highly recommend. Both beginners and experts who are unwilling to break the bank for a marker will find Etek3 as highly effective.

This is a paintball gun that is fun to use from game to game. Weighing about 2lbs, it is very light and similar to carrying a hamster on your hand.

If you are looking for an affordable paintball marker that delivers ball with power like the high-end markers, then you need to get yourself Planet Eclipse Etek3.

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