If you are looking for a paintball gun for the action, the new Tippmann Alpha Elite could be a viable option. Manufactured by Tippmann Sports, this exquisite paintball gun is built to handle a variety of tournaments. Some of the most important aspects to consider when getting yourself a paintball gun are its quality, the performance, its specifications, its design and construction, and the shooting accuracy.

The ultimate paintball gun should deliver optimal performance to the player, regardless of the experience level of the player. This article will review the Tippmann Alpha Elite paintball gun, and its most important aspects.

Tippmann Alpha Elite Specs

tippmann alpha elite marker

The Tippmann Alpha Elite measures 14 by 9 by 1 inches, and only weighs 8 pounds. This gun is economically priced, and it is patterned after the M-16 assault rifle. The Tippmann is very reliable because it includes an all-aluminum die cast receiver, a quick release feeder elbow, and a stainless steel gas line.

The most outstanding components of the Tippmann Alpha Elite include its removable front sight, a removable carry handle, and a magazine with built-in tool storage. This gun also comes with a removable shroud with lower Picatinny Rail, and a 6-possition collapsible stock. All these specs make the Tippmann a suitable paintball gun for beginners.
Its specifications include:

  • .68 caliber
  • 800 PSI operating pressure
  • 12 inch barrel
  • It uses C02 or HPA
  • .689 in barrel bore
  • Has a hose
  • No eyes
  • Tippmann 98 feed neck thread

We would in fact argue that the Tippmann Alpha Elite is one of the best paintball guns of this year.

How it feels

The alpha black tactical is an excellent paintball marker that comes accurate out of the box and is very easy to use. The gun feels like an M-16 rifle, and it can hold up to any challenge or tournament. This paintball marker’s tank helps balance the weight on the gun, making it easy to shoot with.

The Shot

The Tippmann Alpha Elite has a good shot, and it fires up to 12 balls per second. The stock barrel is accurate up to about 40-45 yards with a mid-grade paint. On a calm day, you can hit a man-sized target at 60 yards. The gun allows you to choose between various firing modes- fully auto, semi-auto, or a 3-shot burst. If you use the fully auto option, the Tippmann Alpha Elite shoots 12 or 15 shots per second. On the other hand, the 3-shot burst fires 3 paintballs per each trigger pull.


The Tippmann Alpha Elite can clock in its first few shots at around 298 FPS, which is an excellent fire rate. If you are using the standard tank, this paintball marker can emit 1,083 balls before it runs out. The performance can be boosted by using upgrades such as the cyclone feed system or an electronic trigger kit.

This paintball marker is ideal for playing Mil-Sim because it delivers the power that you need. The Tippmann can shoot tournament grade paint if you use HPA rather than C02. When using HPA cylinder, you can get around 650 shots at 3500 PSI. Alternatively, using the C02 cylinder delivers around 1000 to 1200 shots. Built to imitate the M-16, the Tippmann Alpha Elite delivers enough power for a beginner player to play some wood ball. This gun is however not recommended for speedball because of its weight.


Anyone who loves paintball knows that a paintball marker performs best when it is kept in perfect condition. If you want to intensify your gaming experience, ensure that your Tippmann Alpha Elite doesn’t get very wet or have mud or dirt in it. In case this happens, you may need to take it apart and wipe off the mud or water.

Also, when you are taking your gun apart, ensure that you don’t take apart more than you are supposed to because incorrect assembly will affect the performance of the gun. The oil you use should be the one specified for paintball guns, otherwise you will destroy the O-rings. Moreover, after playing for the day, ensure to wipe the outside of your gun. If the paint sticks, it may be hard to wipe it later on.

Paint build up inside the barrel of your Tippman may affect its accuracy. As such, you are supposed to remove it and clean it with a squeegee or water each time after you’re done playing. The battery may also need to be replaced. Moreover, you should ensure that your HPA or C02 bottle has no valve problem, and it shouldn’t be empty either. If the balls are rolling out of the gun’s barrel, ensure to check the ball detent.

Upgrades and Accessories

The Tippmann Alpha Elite also supports a number of upgrades. The stock is adjustable, and you can modify it to suit your preferences. One of its most recommended upgrade options is removing the plug that is next to the trigger frame and installing a special feed system.

This gun is very customizable and if you want the best performance out of it, you may consider putting a cyclone feed system on it, particularly the Tippmann 98 upgrade. If you intend on using the marker as a sniper, you may consider putting a rail mounted red dot sight on it for maximum accuracy. Another upgrade that you may consider is putting an apex barrel on your Tippmann Alpha Elite.

Another available upgrade for this paintball marker is the E-grip. You can customize your gun with the E-grip to ensure that the gas flow pressure for each shot is regulated. This allows for longer usage and fire capacity for every tank you use.


Overall, I would recommend the Tippmann Alpha Elite to anyone who is looking to have the ultimate experience participating in Mil-Sim. This gun is very customizable, and it features three firing modes- fully auto, semi-auto, and the 3-shot burst. The gun is very affordable and suitable for beginners. It works best in woods ball scenarios and has excellent accuracy. I would highly recommend the Tippmann Alpha Elite because it is not only cheap, but also reliable and appealing.

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