If you like to play paintball for fun or you are a beginner, the Tippmann Gryphon paintball gun tops the list of beginner guns. It is easy to use, lightweight and has high precision making it extremely efficient for a beginner in the paintball game.

This gun is strong enough to withstand muck, water, and frequent falling, which are associated with beginners. This means you can exhaust all your amateur moves and come out with the gun stronger than ever. With this gun, you are guaranteed of the fun of your life at every paintball game.

Tippmann Gryphon Specs

tippmann gryphon paintball marker

The gun is made from strong material to make it withstand rough situations. It has a compact structure with some features like the gas line being placed strategically for aesthetic value.

It has an internal gas line and a metal in line bolt for easy shooting
Reliable, lightweight and compact. Its dimensions are l*w*h; 23.5*9.4*2.4 inches and weighs 2.8 pounds which makes it easy on the hands and light to handle
Has a center feed design for easy shooting which is ideal for both right handed and left handed players
The gun is a 0.68 caliber and comes with a 200 round hopper and a prefilled 90gram CO2 tank
It has a firing rate of 8 balls per second which is good enough for a beginner and an expert alike
Runs on compressed CO2 and requires no other power source

It has a compact ergonomic body with a solid internal structure to make it more resistant for playing in hard conditions. The Gryphon is easily upgradable and customizable due to its simple setup. The gun comes at a very affordable price and comes in two different packages: the mega and the complete.

The package comes with the red marker, a 200 round paintball hopper, a 90gram CO2 tank, and an approved paintball goggle and a facemask system to protect against harm to your eyes and face. This is the ideal beginner package, which is so cool!

The Gryphon was specially designed with the beginner in mind since it does not have complex switches or turners. It can still be used by experts. However, with its easy to use specs, this gun is not efficient for a professional due to its low firing power and simple design.

How it feels

The Gryphon has a strong front hold making its grip strong for that clean shot. It has a composite body that makes it easy to hold and works well even in tough unfavorable conditions. A few upgrades can be added to make it more efficient and classy.

The Shot

The Gryphon shoots over eight balls per second from a gravity fed hopper. It has an internal gas line and a center feed design for firing paintballs. This gun is lightweight hence delivers straight precise shots. It has a blade trigger that is a bit short which makes pulling it a little hard causing low firing speed.

Quick firing leads to inconsistency making the gun inefficient. It has a low operating pressure, which not only saves gas saving you money, but also makes your shot very quiet which gives you advantage over your opponents. It also reduces recoil giving you a flawless shot devoid of any wobble.


The Gryphon is relatively easy to use and one requires little to no training before use other than the paintball game rules. It is powered by compressed CO2 and the gun comes with a prefilled 90 gram gas tank. The Gryphon has a low operating pressure that enables you to save on gas.

To improve efficiency and add to your playtime, you can invest in a bigger CO2 tank. It does not require an additional power source.


The Tippmann gun is easy to maintain just like other Tippmann guns. All it requires is a little oiling in the ASA occasionally. However, parts are susceptible to wear and tear. It does not need to be taken apart to be serviced which makes it very efficient and it is also less likely to get leakages. In case of wear and tear, parts are easy to find and fix.
Tippmann stands behind its product since this gun has a two year warranty that covers your purchase against the manufacturer’s defects and gives you ample time of two years to look for other shortcomings. Based on reviews, Tippmann has amazing customer service that guarantees you quick response in case of a query.

Upgrades and accessories

The Gryphon can be upgraded to take any form you want depending on your game needs. Different A5 threaded barrels can be used with it. The barrel that comes with the gun is not as efficient as expected. For most players, this is the first thing to change. Extra accessories can be added to make your gun more user-friendly and still look new with every new upgrade.

You can invest in a different barrel or a bigger CO2 tank to improve on its efficiency. Rifle upgrades are available to make it look like any rifle you like. Any personal preferences can be considered during upgrade. Be sure to keep the upgrades not too heavy as it might interfere with the efficiency of your gun.


For a novice paintball player, a good marker is a great start for your future in paintballing. The Gryphon can also be used in speedball and woodsball. The gun is a great inexpensive choice for a beginner. It is lightweight and efficient and has numerous possibilities for upgrades and customization to make it whatever you would want it to become.

With the manufacturer’s guarantee and its reliability on the field, you cannot go wrong with this great gun. With god playing skills and this awesome gun, you are guaranteed of a win every time. This gun comes highly recommended by most people and we do too! Keep those paintballs flying all day long!

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