The Dye M2 is one of those rare paintball guns that seems to hit all the right marks. It has good accuracy, silent firing, is lightweight due to its material and it’s quite durable. While beginners can definitely use this paintball gun, it’s likely that seasoned veterans will appreciate this product more after using a variety of other guns. In this Dye M2 review you will learn the specs and stats of this gun and see if it’s really the right one for you.

Dye M2 Specs


The first thing you’ll notice about the Dye M2 is that it’s exceptionally light as it weighs just 1.15 pounds. It’s not so light that it feels cheap, but it’s light enough to easily carry around without your arms getting tired. This is because the M2’s body is made from aluminum, which is both light and durable.

Overall length of this product is about 14 inches. That is a combination of the 6.5-inch barrel and the 7.5-inch tip. It can fire .68 caliber paintballs, giving you plenty of options to choose from in terms of color. Speaking of colors, the M2 comes in 19 colors include black, gold, fluorescent and camo.

The battery lasts up to 100,000 shots and can be charged through an ordinary USB cable. You can use either compressed air or nitrogen air and the trigger is magnetic. This provides a smooth sensation whenever you pull the trigger and it normalizes the pressure.

Some players think this paintball gun is only for advanced players, but our Dye M2 review discovered that this product is good for all skill levels. It’s just so straightforward that newer players probably won’t appreciate it as much as experienced players. Overall, we consider the Dye M2 one of the best electronic paintball guns.

Dye M2 review

How it Feels

Many players regard this as a smooth, accurate gun due to its construction. In this part of the Dye M2 review you will learn about how this product feels when you pull the trigger.

The Shot

This paintball gun can shoot around 280 feet per second and the effective range is about 100 feet. You will find that this range and speed is fairly consistent among most paintball guns. This puts the M2 in a fairly standard range that is good for regular and competitive play. Most guns are within this range as anything stronger may cause injury during play.

Accuracy is very good and there are a few systems in place to improve accuracy. There is an internal pressure system that normalizes every shot, and the magnetic trigger is so smooth that you won’t accidentally jerk the gun as you fire.


Every paintball gun is going to have a little kick to it. If it didn’t, then the ammo would have very little velocity. You want the recoil to be balanced so that it’s sufficiently strong, but not so strong that the paintball gun is hurting your shoulder or throwing off your shots.

Along with the accuracy, the Dye M2 seems to hit just the right mark. There is some kick, but the recoil is low enough that you should be able to fire consecutive shots with little to no loss of accuracy.

Training shouldn’t be required for this paintball gun, but it would be a good idea. While the M2 can be used by all skill levels, you should still know how to fire a paintball gun properly before using one. While you shouldn’t need intensive training or lots of skill, you should have some familiarity with paintball guns in general.


While doing the Dye M2 review it was found that maintaining this paintball gun is basically the same as maintaining any other. Do your best to keep both the gun and barrel clean. Clean it off after every use so that paint and dirt don’t collect within the parts and don’t plant the barrel in dirt or mud when playing. Use a thin cloth for wiping away dirt or dust and a squeegee for removing paint.

You should only disassemble the gun when necessary. Doing it too often can lead to malfunctions. When oiling, be sure to only use oil specifically for paintball guns and only apply a thin layer. Too much oil will collect dirt.

The parts in the Dye M2 are quite sturdy, but like all paintball guns, they can get gummed up by excess dirt. Keep everything clean for the best longevity. Be sure to use appropriate paintballs to avoid misfiring. This product takes .68 caliber paintballs.

Upgrade and Accessories

There are a number of upgrades and accessories available for the Dye M2. One of the more common ones is a board upgrade so that you can use wireless charging. Some boards can even connect to headsets so that the entire team can communicate wirelessly.

Other common upgrades include grips of different colors and sizes, barrels that can increase overall distance and improved magazines for faster loading. You can also choose scopes for this paintball gun, though it isn’t a sniper rifle, or trigger upgrades.

Accessories for this paintball gun are fairly common. You can choose from include cameras to record the action, bipods to hold it in place for stationary fire and gauges for better pressure monitoring.


Some newer players may not see what makes the Dye M2 so special because it’s a very straightforward paintball gun. It doesn’t have any extraordinary features or a massive amount of power, but it hits all the right marks when it comes to accuracy, weight and overall durability.

This Dye M2 review should show you that this paintball gun is a reliable product that is made from durable parts, has a resilient aluminum frame and has wonderful accuracy. It’s good for anyone who wants a straightforward product, but you may not like it if you want something exotic.

What did you think of our Dye M2 review? What is your opionion about this Dye paintball marker.

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