Choosing a paintball gun that is right for you can be a daunting task, especially for those just starting out. In the sport, there is a choice of pistol or traditional gun. The JT ER2 Paintball Pistol is one of many options available, and may be a valid choice for you. This JT ER2 paintball pistol review will present a full overview of the features and capabilities of this pistol, tips for getting the most out of the product, a list of upgrades and accessories to expand on the functionality of the product, and recommendations about the purchase of this product.

Product Specs

The JT ER2, being a pistol, is compact in size and easy to transport. Measuring at 3.35 x 14.96x 13.00 inches and weighing in at 2.12 pounds, a user can easily handle this paintball gun. It utilizes .68 caliber pellets and is powered by CO2 cartridges, requiring a user to pump the gun in order to launch the paintballs.

The shell is constructed of composite material, offering a lightweight, durable material for the product. This also allows for the device to be somewhat transparent, showing a user the internals and allowing them to better see when the pistol is clogged.

When the pellet cartridge is mounted to the pistol, it sticks out the side of the weapon, giving it a somewhat strange appearance. This can also be somewhat of a hazard for the product, but doesn’t seem to truly be an issue even in the heat of battle.

Some paintball guns are difficult to use and offer many fancy features that can make a beginner feel intimidated. This gun is simple to operate, and so is a suitable choice for someone to start off with. It is cheap in price, making it affordable for many people and an economical option for beginners to get started. We actually considered it one of the best paintball pistols.

JT ER2 Paintball Gun review

How it feels

Reading about a gun’s specs from a sheet doesn’t offer too much in terms of getting to know how the gun feels. This section aims to provide more information about the performance and handling of the gun to give a better idea of what this product has to offer.

The Shot

One of the most important things to look at when choosing a paintball gun is the range and accuracy of the shot. The pistol is able to launch paintballs up to 20 yards. It is accurate within a 30 foot range, but beyond that, accuracy drops a bit. A little compensation for the drop off remedies this for the longer ranges that this gun can fire at.


The pistol shoots with a 280 fps shot. This power is suitable for light usage, and is considered low for competitive paintball. This makes the gun suitable for beginners, but experienced paintballers may be disappointed by the lack of power in the gun.

Users have to pump the gun in order to get the correct power for their shot, which can take a little bit of getting used to if you’ve never pumped a gun before, but after a few times a user can get a feel for the number of pumps that feels best to them.

The gun is easy to handle as it is not exceptionally big, nor powerful enough to present difficulties to users. Loading the gun and prepping it for use is also a simple task, requiring only the loading of a CO2 cartridge and the paintballs. Users that want to learn more about using the pistol can easily consult the manual.


The gun is pretty easy to maintain, with the major components of the CO2 cartridges and paintball holders being removable from the gun. The rest of the casing for the pistol isn’t really designed to be opened, which would make maintenance a pain. However, this design makes the gun’s outer shell more durable.

The manual outlines the cleaning procedure for the pistol, which specifies the use of a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt from the gun, and a squeegee for the barrel. It also specifically says to avoid the use of petroleum based and aerosol products when cleaning since these can damage the product.

The gun should be stored in a dry place, clear of all paint and air cylinders, in order to keep the gun in working condition.

Upgrades and Accessories

Considering the price point and the construction of the pistol, it isn’t really designed to be upgraded officially. However, a user can upgrade the loader cartridge with a better option that allows for more paintball cartridges.

CO2 cartridges have to be replaced each time they run out, and it does not appear that there is a way to make it so that it can be refilled within the gun. Aside from these two components, as well as the safety marker, there don’t seem to be any major accessories designed specifically for this product.


Overall, the JT ER2 Paintball Pistol is a good option for beginners, offering a simple design and ease of use to operate. It is powerful enough for light gameplay, firing at 280 psi, but not optimal for intensive competition with experienced players.

While it isn’t upgradeable like other options that more experienced players would prefer, this makes it a simple product to use and the price point makes it an affordable option to start out with.

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