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If you are on the market for a reasonably priced paintball gun that is hassle-free to handle, then you may want to take a look at the Piranha GTI. The GTI is your basic blowback gun that has a durable aluminum build that is lightweight and easy to maintain.

For those interested, In Piranha GTI Paintball Gun review, we will take an in-depth look at what this paintball marker has to offer. Important features are highlighted such as specs, how it shoots, maintenance, and more. At the end, you will hopefully have a better idea of the Piranha GTI and whether or not it is the right gun for your needs.

Piranha GTI Paintball Gun Specs

Piranha GTI Paintball Gun Specs

When you check out the Piranha GTI, you will notice that it has a standard build. Its body is aluminum, and even all of the internals are made from aerospace-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminum as well. The trigger is a double frame and it is made from polymer. Concerning its length, overall, the GTI comes in at about 21 in.

The barrel is threaded, and it accounts for 9 in. of the gun’s length. This paintball gun has a typical .68 caliber, and the operation is compressed air. You can also use either CO2 or N2. The rate of fire for the GTI is a semi-automatic.

As the Piranha GTI is as basic as they come, the gun is optimal for novice users. It features simple specs and an easy learning curve. Anyone who is just getting into paintballing may appreciate this. However, because it is so simple, it will more than likely be of little use when used for anything but beginner’s paintballing.

Another reason why the Piranha GTI can make for a decent gun for those who are just starting to get into paintball is the price range. Many guns can easily sell for well over $100. With the Piranha GTI, you can typically find it anywhere from $60-$70.

How it Feels

An important factor of using a paintball gun is not just how well it performs, but how well it feels for you. The following gives a quick rundown on everything you need to know about the Piranha GTI from the maintenance to the power behind it.

The Shot

When you are shooting with the Piranha GTI, it is possible to get a decent 12+ shots per second out of it. The double trigger contributes much to that. As for how well the GTI shoots, the accuracy of it is sufficient enough for general paintball play.


As was previously stated, the Piranha GTI is a gun that will work best for beginning paintball users. The way it handles in addition to how inexpensive it is helps make it a sought after gun for novice users. Its trigger is rather easy to pull, and you can even use the double trigger with your middle finger with no issues.

You should experience minimal chopping with the GTI as well. There is not much in terms of recoil either, so you shouldn’t have to worry much about that. However, there are some complaints in terms of how well the gun performs over extended use. The Piranha GTI may be prone to needing a frequent re-cocking in the middle of shooting. This can occur in spite of having good air pressure.


There is not much to do in order to maintain the Piranha GTI. It is designed to be completely user-friendly for those who are getting their feet wet with paintballing. Due to that, upkeep is rather basic and it does not require any special kind of treatment. In fact, you should be able to break the GTI down in five minutes or so.

For one thing, the GTI has some decent durability to it. It should be able to not only last you a good deal of time, but it can hold up to some rough use such as being dropped. To keep its longevity, you can follow standard paintball gun cleaning. The gun calls for only a little oil and perhaps a new o-ring over time.

Every paintball gun eventually wears down after extended use. Even so, if you remember to not keep the gun cocked for long, you can easily extend the life of your Piranha GTI.

Upgrades and Accessories

Although the Piranha GTI supports upgrades, there is not much you can do here. Sure, the barrel is interchangeable; you can go with a different one that suits your needs better. However, there is not much else you can do with the GTI in terms of adding upgrades or various accessories.


As a conclusion to our Piranha GTI Paintball Gun review, we can say that the Piranha GTI Paintball Gun is a good choice for all the beginners out there. It is inexpensive and reliable as it is made from strong, corrosion-resistant aluminum. Maintaining the gun is straightforward enough, and as long as you keep up with that, the GTI should last you a good deal of time.

The Piranha GTI is not the type of gun recommended for more serious paintball users though since it only has decent power and accuracy. No matter that, the GTI has a minimal learning curve and it is highly suggested as a first starter gun if you are looking at trying your hand at paintballing without any experience.

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