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Players looking for a durable, lightweight, affordable paintball gun will be pleased with the Azodin Kaos. Its metal frame provides a solid structure without adding any unnecessary weight. The structure is designed with efficiency and ease in mind, so it’s simple to dismantle and clean. Its attainable price and low recoil make it a good paintball gun for beginners. While it naturally doesn’t have the finesse of more expensive models, players who have used the Kaos have reported feeling satisfied with their purchases, and confirm that the quality is delightful for the price. In this Azodin Kaos review we try to assess whether the Azodin Kaos is worth the purchase.

Azodin Kaos Product Specs


azodin-kaos paintball marker

The Azodin Kaos is a blowback stacked tube design, meaning that the bolt is located above the hammer. It features a smooth and quickly releasing Delrin bolt. The grip frame is made from sturdy but lightweight aluminum, and the gun operates with a 12-inch barrel and air thru fore grip that operates with CO2 or compressed air. The overall weight of the marker is 2lb, making it an easy carry for any player. Dual ball detents keep paintballs of multiple sizes from rolling down the barrel. Rubber grip panels on the sides increase comfort and reduce the chance of slippage.

As far as our Azodin Kaos review is concerned, this gun is well suited for beginners, as it is affordable, sturdy, and good quality for the price. It also boasts a nice, low recoil which lends itself well to newer paintball players. The Kaos is also renowned for its accuracy which is something that beginners will certainly appreciate.

Azodin Kaos is in the lower price range. As any shopper knows, you generally get what you pay for and a low-cost model isn’t going to compete with anything four times its price. That being said, customers have been overall delighted with the return of the Kaos and often state that is has the feel of a more expensive paintball gun.

How It Feels

The Azodin Kaos doesn’t feel like a cheap paintball marker. From the moment you pick it up it gives you a nice sense of holding a well-made paintball gun. The Azodin Kaos grip features soft rubber padding, so it won’t slip, even if you are wearing gloves.

As far as shooting is concerned, the fact that the Azodin Kaos is so light is a real advantage. You won’t feel the punch of the recoil as bad, and you’re unlikely to get tired even after hours of play. Of course, if you add upgrades to your gun, weight may increase.

The Shot

Players have reported that the Azodin Kaos demonstrates great accuracy. This accuracy sustains up to about 50 to 60 feet, standing up to competition with its rivals. The gravity fed hopper can feed about 9 paintballs a second, making it extremely quick to shoot. The Kaos certainly holds up on the field as a result of its speed and precision, and won’t leave players feeling like they came up short against others with more expensive models.


The Kaos is well known for having surprisingly low recoil and a lightweight design—two qualities that make for high comfort and efficiency on the battlefield. It definitely has a noticeable kick to it, but not enough for it to become an issue—customers are pleasantly surprised by the lack of intense recoil and the ease with which they can shoot. The main complaint with the Kaos is that the hammer, while lightweight, is pretty loud when shooting and will be more likely to reveal the shooter’s location.

The lightweight of the aluminum frame adds to the pleasant feeling of the Kaos, as does the ergonomic shape. Between the high accuracy, comfort, and reliability of this marker, most consumers do not feel the need to beef it up with add-ons—the Kaos is generally reported to have fulfilled or exceeded expectations for a gun of its price range.

Due to the accuracy and comfort of the Azodin Kaos, as well as its reliable build without the use of add-ons, not a whole lot of extra preparation or experience are needed for beginners before they hit the paintball fields.


The Azodin Kaos is designed to be simple to dismantle and clean. The parts are easy to remove and do not require particularly delicate or special treatment. The bolt is self-lubricating and simple to move in order to clean—just lift up on the pin and it will slide right out. A quick run with a squeegee and you’re good to go, meaning that if you need to clean up after a broken paintball in the system on the field, you won’t be down for long.

The standard ammo recommended for the Kaos is .68 caliber paintballs. Many consumers who have tried other types of paintballs have reported chipping. This can be circumvented in some cases by improving accuracy with a barrel sleeve insert, and the velocity of the marker can also be easily altered with an Allen wrench. It’s good practice to clean out a marker after each use, and lubricate any parts that need it with a standard paintball gun oil like Dow 33.

Upgrades and Accessories

In this part of our Azodin Kaos review, we will talk a little bit about upgrading your Kaos paintball gun. The Azodin Kaos does support upgrades, though most players don’t feel that it needs them after getting a feel for the gun. If you do feel like upgrading, there are a variety of Azodin Kaos upgrades out there for both aesthetic and performance improvements.

While most buyers are completely satisfied with the Kaos’ basic accuracy, custom barrels are also available to make the accuracy even better still. Battery powered hoppers can also be found on the market, offering faster and better paintball feeding. These generally boast an increase from 9 balls per second to 10-12. An HPA air tank is also a commonly recommended upgrade, since it gets rid of the chill that results from using CO2 and increases the life of the o-rings.

Some players prefer to keep their Kaos in a carrying case when it’s not in use, as it can protect the longevity of the marker. Upgrades like pumps, grips, and regulators are also available in multiple different colors if you feel like ramping up the style of your weapon alongside the functionality.


All in all, the Azodin Kaos is touted as a good, reliable paintball gun for beginners or players on a budget. It delivers good performance and surprisingly nice accuracy for a low-cost marker. The metal frame is durable and will hold up on the field while still remaining lightweight and easy to carry. Despite some complaints of loud shooting and paintball chipping, the Kaos is overall still a worthwhile product for the price. There are Azodin Kaos upgrades available to try if you want some improvements in the functionality or appearance, and the gun as a whole is easy to dismantle, adjust, and clean. We conclude our Azodin Kaos review by agreeing with the general consensus, that Azodin Kaos paintball gun delivers solid quality and good long-term durability for the money, and won’t be a purchase that you’ll regret.

Have you tried this model for yourself? Would you agree with our Azodin Kaos review? Please let us know in the comments!

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