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You are not playing paintball correct without a good paintball gun. With the influx of paintball guns on the market currently, choosing between them can be challenging. To get the thrill of playing this game like a pro, one gun stands out from all others; the Tippmann X7 paintball gun. This Tippmann X7 review will try to cover the more important aspect of this paintball marker.

This state-of-the-art gun has a military design that can easily be customized to take the shape of any gun you would love to have in the field. It has a three-position selection switch for changing its operation from electronic to manual with ease. It is probably one of the best paintball guns on the market.

Tippmann X7 Specs

tippmann x7 paintball marker

The Tippmann X7 is a strong lightweight gun that most users find reliable. The X7 comes with FlexValve technology to give air efficiency as it uses only 300 PSI to give you that clean perfect shot devoid of noise and reduces recoil. It is easy to assemble and disassemble due to its tool-less pins which make the upgrading easier.

It is electro pneumatic meaning that it can shoot in both electronic and mechanic mode which is easily changeable through a selector switch. The Tippmann X7 has a feed rate of twenty balls per second and a firing rate of fifteen balls per second

The Tippmann X7 weighs 3.91lbs, and its total length is 19.75” where the stock barrel is 8.5 inches long. Its frame is made of aluminum making it handy to stand harsh playing situations.

This Tippmann paintball gun model features a pushpin construction for easy assembling.

It has a 0.68 caliber and uses CO2, compressed air and nitrogen.
It has a quick release magazine.

The Tippmann X7 is a great gun for beginners. It is relatively inexpensive.
The only downside to the product is that it is considered heavy especially with upgrades, which can reduce the efficiency of your shots.

How it feels

The Tippmann gun is a beast when it comes to taking that perfect shot. It has perfect precision and it has never failed to deliver. It literally makes you feel like you are in a military shooting range due to its amazing military design and the power the gun has.

The Shot

The Tippmann X7 has an effective range of more than 150 feet. It has a firing rate of fifteen balls per second. The Tippmann X7 is easy to hold and has a smooth trigger with a very light pull making it easy to shoot. The pushpins on this handy gadget are rigid hence zero rattling when the gun moves.

It has a low operating pressure of 300PSI, which means it saves air making it more accurate with absolutely no wobble. You hit more players with little effort. Because of the low operating pressure, this gun is very quiet hence easy to creep on opponents without being heard by the rest of the team.


The Tippmann X7 is powered using carbon dioxide and compressed nitrogen, and it allows you to choose the option you want. The cyclone is also run by the gas. It also requires batteries and since they are not the only source of power, you can be sure that your gun will not run out in the middle of a game.

However, the Tippmann X7 requires the use of nine high quality batteries to prevent hitches with the electrical system.


Most equipment needs to be maintained to last longer. The X7 is no different and no one knows this better than the manufacturer. The gun comes with a maintenance pack that contains items to keep the gun in top shape, a barrel blocking device, and a marker lubricant. The piston needs constant oiling, the cyclone needs to be kept clean, and the ratchet needs to be greased.

The Tippmann X7 is also easy to maintain because it does not have an external air hose like most markers. The gun should be stored in a place that is not too cold. The cold makes the chrono readings inconsistent. You can watch a YouTube cleaning and maintenance video here:

Upgrades and accessories

The Tippmann X7 can take endless upgrade and modification options. You can choose to change the barrel, change the gun style, and add accessories plus so much more. The gun has Picattiny rails to make it easier to add accessories such as handles, scopes, and sights.

Since this Tippmann gun is heavy, adding more equipment makes it heavier. This implies that it might decrease the marker’s efficiency. To counter this, the gun can be upgraded with a remote line to balance its weight if the additions become too heavy.

Examples of upgrades that can be done include upgrading from its mechanical version to a fully electronic version. For this you need to change the grip. You can also change the barrels and replace them with cooler ones depending on your paintball needs. It can also be customized to meet personal styles and preferences. Front and rear sights can be removed if you do not want them on your gun.


All markers are good but others are better. The Tippmann X7 is worth every dollar. It is a compact lightweight gun that gives you amazing technical abilities like easy shooting, quick releases, and minimal noise to help you win that game. The manufacturer’s two-year warranty gives you guaranteed quality for the product giving you peace of mind as you duck and hide from your opponents on the field.

You need a gun with amazing capabilities and one that is easily upgradable and customizable to ensure it meets your every need and looks like a new gun every time. We would highly recommend this gun to someone looking for a quality paintball gun. It cannot get better than this.

What did you think of our Tippmann X7 review? Would you like to add anything? Let us know in the comments!

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