This Shocker RSX review will be looking at the main features of this paintball gun. The Shocker RSX features a bunch of new things to be excited about when referring to a respected paintball brand. This particular paintball gun is light weight and mobile. The RSX feels smaller than previous editions, which provides a new shooting experience to the user.

The RSX tends to shoot in a smoother fashion for a better experience. The smoother shot is mostly because of the electronic pneumatic solenoid. This is an advanced feature for the RSX to represent. The RSX’s solenoid can be tweaked to also allow users to adjust the cycle rate.

Shocker RSX Main Specs

In this first part of our Shocker RSX review, we provide an overview of the Shocker RSX features. The Shocker RSX is lighter and smoother than previous editions that have been released. The RSX only weighs 1.7 lbs, allowing for better control when handling the paintball gun. The RSX also comes equipped with a freak barrel with one insert (.687).

The RSX also comes equipped with an OLED Screen with easy trigger programming to make the setup easy for beginners. There is also a multilingual display that can be configured to any language available for download.

How It Feels

The RSX is designed to specifically feel lighter than other similar paintball guns at this price range. With less weight comes more controllable handling of the weapon, as well as the opportunity to experience smoother shooting mechanics.

The Shot

The shot in particular is what separates the RSX from other similar paintball weapons. The RSX remains equipped with its core strength, even though the creators of this mighty weapon have managed to eliminate any unneeded weight from its design. The electronic pneumatic solenoid is one of the reasons that the shooting mechanics are as smooth as they are.


When comparing the light weight RSX to other similar paintball weapons, you might think that the strength behind the RSX must have been eliminated. This is simply not true, which makes the new design of the RSX all the more impressive.

The power of the RSX should be respected given the price range and design mechanics. This paintball weapon should be a perfect example of possessing all the things you would want to have on a paintball gun.


Maintaining a paintball weapon is important to ensure longevity, and Shocker Paintball has kindly uploaded a wide collection of support videos on their YouTube Channel in order to help inexperienced paintball users maintain their Shocker RSX.

Their channel features videos on lubrication in regards to the bolt system, as well as adjusting the bolt speed. They have even uploaded a step by step guide to inform users how to handle the Shocker RSX regulator maintenance for their weapon. There are a number of additional support guides that cover the ins and outs of the entire design of the Shocker RSX.

Shocker Paintball has earned a great reputation within the paintball weapon industry, and they have been around for a very long time, holding themselves to the highest support standards in the industry.

Upgrades and Accessories

There are a number of unique upgrades that can be equipped to a Shocker RSX paintball gun. First and foremost, there are several different coloring kits available on the market specifically for the Shocker RSX. These color kits are extremely popular and can add a custom feeling to the RSX.

There is also a drop back rail add on for players that are interested in equipping their Shocker RSX with one. The drop back rail allows for the Shocker RSX to push the ASA toward the user. The back rail also descends the ASA about a half of an inch. This repositioning can aid taller players to feel more comfortable with the light weight Shocker RSX paintball gun.

Final Verdict

There are a number of different things that make the Shocker RSX a unique paintball weapon. The RSX sits amidst the $600 – $700 price range, which is a respected price range for this particular paint gun. It is also loaded with all the features that you could ever want. The light weight mechanics of this weapon allow for a smoother shot, which increases weapon handling and mobility. It is remarkable how much the RSX can retain its core strength even though it is among the lightest paintball guns in its price range.

Shocker Paintball has done a remarkable job supporting their RSX. They are allowing newcomers to gain knowledge about their paintball guns by uploading top quality support videos to their website and YouTube channel. The final verdict for the Shocker RSX is that it should be regarded as one of the best handling and reliable paintball guns in its affordable price range.

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